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Flowchart: Processing Legal Bills with Fee Saver (TM)

Start Here
[Paper Bills]
Legal Bills
on Paper
[Right Arrow] [Flatbed Scanner]
Scanner with
OCR Software

[Right Arrow]

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[Floppy Diskette]
Legal Bills
on Diskette
[Right Arrow] [Ascii Text File]
[Right Arrow] [Computer]
Computer Running
Fee Saver (TM)
[Right Arrow] End Here

[Right Arrow]

End Here
[Database Export]
Export File to
Other Databases

The Basic Flow

  1. Fee Saver (TM) accepts legal bills in the form of plain ASCII text files (DOS text) This boils down to two venues:

    1. Legal bill files in plain ASCII text format residing on floppy diskette (preferred). Typically, these bills were computer generated by any off-the-shelf, time-and-billing software. This is the preferred input.

    2. Paper bills that are scanned and converted to plain ASCII text files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. A good, reliable, off-the-shelf flatbed scanner with an auto sheet feeder is recommended. Also, any good, off-the-shelf OCR software will do too. Most good flatbed scanners already have OCR software bundled with it.

      The scanner and OCR software must be purchased separately and do not come with Fee Saver (TM). We do not sell scanners or OCR software but we can recommend what hardware and software to buy if necessary.

  2. These ASCII legal bill files are processed on a computer running Fee Saver (TM).

  3. Reports may be generated immediately or an export file may be created for your existing auditing system or database.

There is more information available but a password is required. For more details, please contact us.

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