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How to Save Time and Money in Legal Bill Review

What is Legal Bill Review?

It is a process of reviewing legal bills generated by attorneys and/or law firms. The auditor looks for billing errors, improper charges and other charge deviations. There are many different possibilities and variations of error. Also, there is no standard format for a legal bill. Fifty different law firms may generate bills in fifty different formats!

How are Legal Bill Reviews Currently Done?

Current reviewing procedures are very manual. Using pencils, markers, graph paper, etc., the auditor "eyeballs" through the legal bill by hand. However, legal bills can be hundreds to thousands of pages in length. This method not only consumes vast amounts of people time but the possibilities of human error are endless.

Is There a Better Solution?

Hummingbird Software has developed Fee $aver (TM), a software application which streamlines the legal bill review process. Fee $aver automates this process by reading and interpreting entire legal bills and generating quantitative reports immediately! Fee $aver can process both bills on computer diskette (in plain text ASCII format) and/or paper bills (which are optically scanned first). A processing flowchart is available to help you understand this procedure. Both time and cost bills are processed.

Manual review procedures can take weeks or months. Fee $aver reduces this time to minutes and seconds. This dramatically reduces the time and cost of the review and minimizes errors.

We have been constantly improving this software since January 1992. Fee $aver has been tested literally on over 1,000 legal bills and can read +98% of them with no problem.

Insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, large law firms or any company that deals with professional time bills could benefit from the purchase of a Fee $aver license.

We believe this is a positive contribution to society as legal bill costs have skyrocketed.

There is more information available but a password is required. For more details, please contact us.

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