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Client Web Pages

Below are a sampling of client websites that we have created and/or maintain.

Logo Description
[Be Brutally Honest Logo] Be Brutally Honest

Send an anonymous message to a friend or coworker to correct a personal problem that is too embarrassing to discuss face to face (like body odor or bad breath). Messages are stored and retrieved anonymously from a secured website. You can even check if the recipient has read your message or not. There is currently a clunky shoes poll and a video. Don't forget to read the FAQ! This is a free service created by attorney Edward Jamison.

I did most of the front end HTML (including the jokes!) and wrote all of the back end programming for this website.

[Credit Reporting Paradigm Logo] Credit Reporting Paradigm

This is a unique product by attorney Edward Jamison for mortgage brokers to help their clients increase their FICO credit score so they can qualify for a better home loan with a lower interest rate. This product is really an expert system to increase your FICO score. The client's credit report information is entered into the system. This information is analyzed and a customized set of action steps for the client are generated in the form of a PDF letter. The system also can produce letters to mail to the credit bureaus to improve the client's credit report and thereby increase their credit score.

At the broker's option, a series of periodic emails are automatically sent to their clients. Lots of other features. There is nothing like this product in the mortgage industry.

I did all of the back end programming for this product.

[Carney Magic Logo] The Magic of John Carney

Mr. John Carney is a magician extraordinaire. His long and distinguished career includes performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, appearances at several casinos in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, and TV commercials for Mastercard. There are also books and videos available that you may buy on-line. John wanted a clean and simple look on his website that would download quickly.

[Chinese American Museum] The Chinese American Museum
in Los Angeles

The people of El Pueblo de Los Angeles (near Olvera St.) are opening a museum of Chinese American history in the heart of Old Chinatown. The museum will display pictures, artifacts and describe the history of Chinese American life in Los Angeles. The museum people are not too familiar with the Web or what it can do for them so they are getting in slowly. The museum is now scheduled to open in 2003! That time is not far away folks!

(Although we had been servicing this website since 1997, we are no longer supporting this website. However, you may see a homepage image (91K JPG) of this website for a sample of our work.)

[Builders Hardware Inc] Builders Hardware Inc.

This is the home page of a hardware manufacturer located in Buellton, CA (near Solvang). Their entire catalog is now on-line! They offer hardware parts for automotive, patio doors, storefronts and windows. This site is relatively large with over 50 pages. Their target customers are builders and contractors.

(Their website is currently off-line as they got bought out by a another company. However, you may see a homepage image (71K JPG) of this website for a sample of our work.)

[AAA Office Support Systems] AAA Office Support Systems

This is the home page of a local office support service. They started by offering a reliable answering service and courier/messenger services. Now they also offer secretarial, telemarketing and catalog order services! Their target customers are busy professionals, home-based businesses and offices that need someone to handle their overruns. They have never been on the Net before and have decided they wanted the Web to be part of their marketing campaign this year.

(Their website is currently off-line as of November 2005.)

[South Pasadena Travel] South Pasadena Travel

This is the home page of a local travel agency. They have never been on the Net before and wanted to take it slow so it's not a very big site yet. There is a special travel deals page that offers discounted deals for airfares, cruises and tours.

(Their website is currently off-line as they are reevaluating their market strategy. However, you may see a homepage image (57K JPG) of this website for a sample of our work.)

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